How To Declutter Your House




Tackling a cluttered home is a huge task to do if you aren’t properly organized. Before you even start thinking about what your next move should be, start at the beginning, and bring four boxes: trash, donate, relocate and store. Take a look at our box shop to see which box size is perfect for you.  Once everything you aren’t interested in has been segregated into the trash and donate boxes you will be left with items to store and items to relocate in your house. This will dramatically reduce the time spent trying to organize everything around your house, but remember to be brutal! However if you find you just can’t let go of certain items and they need to go into storage, check out our unit sizes here to see which size fits you!

Break it up

Separate your house into sections (or rooms) when organizing. Instead of looking at your home as a whole and getting overwhelmed, focus on completing one room at a time, that way once you’ve finished one room you will have a small feeling of satisfaction to keep you moving forward and completing your decluttering mission!

Plan out your time

Telling yourself you’re going to declutter and clean the entire house in one day is not only incredibly unrealistic but it can cause a sense of stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed which can often lead to you giving up on the job altogether. Blocking off even just 15 minutes a day to solely focus on a certain area of the house will slowly make a huge difference and will prevent you from getting bored!

One in, two out rule

Take notice of what is causing the most clutter around your house and focus on the one in, two out rule. If it happens to be bathroom products that are particularly disorderly, for every one new item you buy, throw two out. This could apply to just about anything around your house from makeup to kitchen items, follow the rule and reduce the clutter!