How to Store Baby Clothes

baby clothesWe understand. The emotional attachment parents have to their children’s old clothes are almost guaranteed. Whether you’re waiting for your baby to have a baby of their own, you’re saving the items for a baby sister or you just can’t seem to let the sentiment go, we’ve got you covered. Here are some useful tips on storing baby clothes for the future:

Are the items really worth keeping?

As hard as this decision is, it’s something you need to really focus on. Only keep items that are in good visible condition with no stains and have a very strong sentimental value to you.  Also try and keep in mind why you are storing the item, if it is to be passed down to a future sibling try and consider whether the item will be out of fashion by then.


Before storing any of your items ensure to wash everything and thoroughly dry every item. Once this is done wrap each piece of clothing in archival tissue paper, this allows the clothing to ‘breathe’ and will not cause mildew or mold. The preparation of the clothing is the most important part of storing baby clothes as it is a major factor in ensuring the quality is kept and not ruined!


Develop a system whereby you know exactly what-is-what next time you enter the storage unit, your future self with thank you for it. Clearly categorize and label every box you plan on putting in storage so when it comes to finding that one specific baby pink dress you know exactly where it is. Bunching multiple sizes or genders together in a box will only leave you feeling stressed out and confused when it comes to opening them!

Keep clothes separate

If you’re planning on storing your baby toys and other memorabilia make sure you keep them separate to your clothes. Batteries, ink, and paint can leak while crayons and pencils can melt which can all have a detrimental effect how your clothes are stored and may end up ruining them physically or leaving a nasty order you won’t be able to get rid of!

Be mindful of the storage box

The best way to store your baby clothes is in either an acid free storage box or a plastic lidded bin. Don’t use colored boxes as the color over time can transfer over to your clothes and stain them permanently. Also – don’t be afraid to add moth balls to your boxes if you plan to store the clothes for a long time as this can keep pesky bugs at bay! When choosing storage boxes be wary of the size of your storage unit and be sure it fits your personal needs. See our unit sizes to choose a size that suits your needs!