How to Store and Organize Your Photos



In this day and age it is seldom to come across someone who doesn’t have years’ worth of photos on their phones, iCloud, iPad, laptop or other form of technology, but that doesn’t mean physical photos aren’t just as important.  Preserving physical prints, however, are slightly more difficult to keep in optimum shape thanks to heat, spills, humidity and just general age. If you have plans to store your photographs in self-storage, whether it be to just free some space, because you’re moving, or you just want to keep them safe, follow these tips in order to decrease the clutter and ensure your photos stay at their best quality.

Go Digital

To give you a sense of mind that your precious memories will forever be with you it is always safe to make a digital copy before moving your photos anywhere. If you don’t have a scanner yourself just go to your local printing shop and they can make copies for you. Store them on your hard drive, iCloud, USB, online document storage sites or even Facebook! Just keep them somewhere safe and easily accessible!


Once you’ve saved all your photos onto your computer now it’s time to deal with the physical images. Before you begin, ensure you have everything you need including sticky notes and a labelling pencil. The aim of categorizing everything is to help you further down the road so everything won’t simply be in a huge confusing pile.

Think about how you want to categorize your images, maybe it will be by the year, the event, or the theme. For example you might do weddings, vacations, holidays, toddler years, high school ect. Then go through every single photo and decide which photos you want to keep, store or throw out. Label everything and put into different boxes!

Choosing the Right Storage Unit

Choosing the right storage unit can have a huge influence on how your photos hold up while in storage. Choosing the wrong unit may cause your precious images to get discolored, curl or get spoilt.

Climate controlled storage units like Flexi Storage are the optimum choice for storing images. With this type of storage you will be able to moderate the temperature and humidity levels in your unit, this will mitigate the risk of damage from humidity, sunlight, temperature changes and dust. Check out our unit sizes and features!