Tips and Tricks for Storing Rugs


Are you giving your house a new makeover? Are you sick of seeing that one rug around your house? Have you moved and just don’t have the space for it? Whatever the reason, you have a rug and you need to stash it somewhere. But, how should you store it to make sure it doesn’t get damaged or end up in a hot bed for bed bugs? To keep your rug safe and protected, we’ve compiled a few things to help ease the storing process!

Clean the Rug

To start the storing process begin by giving your rug a good thorough wash! Depending on the type of rug you will either need to vacuum it or beat the dirt out of it (literally). Besides cleaning the dirt off the rug you are also getting rid of any fleas, dust mites and bugs. To wash the rug wet it with a garden hose and mix some kind of gentle detergent with water, scrub the face of the carpet with a soft nylon brush then rinse with water! Ensure you allow the rug to completely dry and then apply an insect repellent to render off any pesky bugs. An easy at home remedy is to simply mix a solution of 4 parts water and 1 part vinegar in a spray bottle and apply it to both sides of the rug. Allow this to dry before proceeding onto the next step!

Roll It Up

Never fold your rug, always roll! Folding can lead to serious damage such as creases, cracks and tears. To roll your rug always start from the bottom, up. To find the bottom, run your hand over the fibers to determine which direction is “with the grain” and which is against. Follow the direction that is with the grain to the edge, and start making a tight roll from there. Ensure you roll your rug straight and as tightly as possible. Once you have finished rolling your rug, wrap some cotton sheet or muslin around the rug to keep it protected.

Rug Storage

Experts say that it is best to store carpets in a climate controlled space that is in a dry area away from natural light. It is important to ensure the carpet is standing up rather than lying flat as this will prevent any further damage from occurring. To inquire about unit sizes and climate control visit our website here!