Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks


Do you feel your house becoming cluttered and lack-luster? Well then it’s time to stock up cleaning products, turn on the music and clean your way into a spotless fresh home with these easy tips and tricks.

One room at a time!

The minute you start trying to do everything at once, the game is over. You’ll get far too distracted and overwhelmed trying to do several rooms at once and will end up giving up and feeling disheartened. Doing one room at a time and completely finishing it will give you the satisfaction and motivation to move to the next.

Move the furniture

As much as you would like for this to be a simple weekly whoosh around with the vacuum, it’s time to properly move your furniture around and clean behind and under it. A fresh new layout is also a great way to not get bored of what you already have and refresh your living area! If there are any pieces you want to keep but don’t know where to put, consider self-storage, we have a range of different sizes perfect to accommodate any type of furniture you might have.

Clean fan blades with pillow cases!

Use an old pillow case to slide onto each blade of the fan and then wide off inside the case. No more thick dust falling into your face.

Cleaning the shower curtains

If your shower curtain is starting to look grimy don’t try scrubbing away at it, simply put it in the washing machine along with other towels. The towels will help scrub away at the shower curtain while spinning, leaving it perfectly clean! Simply hang it up to dry afterwards.

Clean from up then down

Wherever you’re planning to clean, whether it be the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, always start top to bottom. This is to ensure that any dust, dirt or spills will fall onto the floor and will get picked up with you clean down there. This prevents you having to clean the same area twice!