How to Store Makeup and Cosmetics


*Based off an article from Squarefoot Blog*

According to a survey done by Stowaway Cosmetics, the average makeup consumer owns almost 40 makeup products but only uses and carries five on a daily bases. Makeup items tend to grow without the consumer even realizing it until the collection of goods exceeds the storage holding the items. Letting go of certain products can be difficult as you’ll most likely want to keep them for later use, a different season or for special occasions. Whether you’re moving, decluttering your home or your just a good old makeup junkie, storing your items properly will make a huge difference in keeping them in mint condition further down the line.

Be Brutal

Before you just haul your excess makeup into storage you need to go through everything and figure out exactly what to keep and what to throw. If you find that you haven’t reached for a product for a year, throw it out. If you brought a product that you thought would look great on you but just doesn’t suit your skin tone, throw it out. Also take notice of expiry dates and the condition of the product, if the colour, odour or texture of a product has gone off, throw it out!  Be brutal during this stage as there is no need to store makeup you will never reach for again, it will only cause more hassle then its worth!

Squeaky Clean

Once you have established exactly what is worth keeping and what isn’t, it’s time to clean everything thoroughly. If you store dirty makeup it can compound over a long period of time especially if the storage unit is small, so ensure everything is squeaky clean before even thinking of putting it away.

Pack Smart

If you plan to store your makeup for a long period of time always use bubble wrap around fragile items such a glass bottles. If you are dealing with loose shadows or pigments always pack them using cotton pads to prevent the mess and crumbles going everywhere.

When using bags to pack individual items always use one with a strong seal. If you just use plastic bags moisture can get inside which can mean mildew, mold and bad odors.

As always use labels to help keep all the products organized and to make it easier when unpacking at a later date. If you have several small boxes of makeup simply pack all of the smaller boxes into a larger box to make moving simpler.

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