3 Tips & Tricks for Packing Boxes like a Pro


Use the right boxes!

If you want to ensure that your precious items aren’t broken or damaged during the move pay attention to the size of the box as it does matter. A few small delicate items could be easily damaged in a large box that has been over packed. Similarly if you have larger items you will want to make sure the box is slightly larger than the item itself.  If possible try and get boxes that are specifically designed for fine china/ fragile items as often the cardboard is much more durable than other boxes.

For boxes that just aren’t full enough always fill it out the best you can using bubble wrap or Styrofoam padding. If you don’t have those products get creative and use towels, pillows, comforters and blankets to protect your items. Preventing gaps in the box will also stop the top of the box sinking in if other boxes are placed on top.

Back to Box Basics

Ensuring you have the right materials before you get started will reduce the headache later down the road. Ensure you have high quality packing materials to ensure better safety of your items. Some of the simple supplies you will need before you get started are:

  • Rolls of clean packing paper
  • Bubble wrap (paper towels are good for fragile items)
  • Rolls of tape
  • Tape dispenser
  • Thick markers for box labelling
  • Sharp scissors
  • Notebook for listing contents of cartons
  • Labels for identifying boxes

The Low-Down on Wrapping like a Pro

Once you have gathered all of your pre-packing supplies its time to start wrapping. Begin by placing a small stack of your packing paper on a flat surface. The rule of thumb is to always use a couple sheets of packing paper, starting from a corner of the sheet and fold the sides in as you roll. For more technical shaped items use the same technique, although you may need to use more paper.. don’t be scared! When the corners come together, simply tape up.

Before you pack each box line it with paper to ensure its well-padded. Always place the larger items on the bottom and the lighter more fragile items on the top. (To maximize the efficiency of packing always place plates and books vertically). Once finished make sure you haven’t overloaded the box and simply place more paper on top for extra protection. Finish up by taping everything up firmly!