Self-Storage: A Student’s Best Friend


During university you’ll probably move around more times than you will cook those frozen microwave dinners.  Heading off for an extended vacation? Overseas internship? Moving between dorms? Going home for the holidays? It’s all very exciting until you realise you have nowhere to keep all of your things! No matter how far in advance you plan for your move, it’s always a period of worry for students and their possessions. So, if you aren’t already, it’s time to start considering self-storage as a way to reduce your mess, better your stress and improve your bank account.

Choose a Unit Size

So you’ve made the wise decision to get a storage unit, but what size is the best for you? That entirely depends on how much stuff you have accumulated over your time in university, and how long you are going to be away for. Generally, most students opt for the 6×6 unit which will allow you to keep all of your basics from your desks and mattresses to your boxes and electronics. If you are only keeping a few bags and small boxes and 4×4 would be better, do your research by finding out which unit size is best for you here.

Prepare Your Things

Before you leave all your things in self-storage its incredibly important to prep your items to ensure they stay in the best possible quality while you are away. For example, if you have a mini fridge, always defrost, clean and dry it to prevent any mold growing. Any text books or paper should be stored in individual boxes or plastic containers. And remember, if you have a lot of things always remember to label the boxes to ensure you are organised when it comes to retrieving your goods.

Consider climate control

During the hot and humid Malaysian months, you will probably want to consider renting a climate controlled unit. Many things you will want to store such as wooden furniture, bedding, clothing and electronics are very susceptible to mold which thrives in humid conditions. Your next room mate will probably appreciate the thought, as all of your stuff won’t be reeking of mildew.

No matter what your plans are, self-storage is a bargain way to keep all your precious belongings safe without the hassle and expense of moving a whole new life back to mum and dad. For as little as RM50 a month, store your goods with us and enjoy wherever you may be off to, worry free!