Moving to Malaysia? Read This First!

So you’ve made the decision to become an expat, move abroad and cross international borders. A magical and thrilling time awaits but the excitement is wearing thin as you now realize the mountain of work required to get you and your family there. Moving to another country can be difficult for a number of reasons: the new culture, new food, new language, new friends and many more, but it can be made less stressful with these simple tips.



Understand the Culture and Language

This sounds like a no-brainer right? But visiting a city or country as a tourist is nothing like living there for months or years at a time. An expatriate has to consider the language and culture in order to thrive in their new home for an extended period of time.

Knowing a little bit about the culture, history and geography of the country will ease you into your move a lot quicker. If you can speak confidently to your new friends about their nation they will be a lot more welcoming.

Make sure you shop in the local stores and markets, eat at local restaurants, and speak to as many people as you can. Take language classes to learn the basics; or, if you already know the basics of the language, take a class to become more fluent!



Find Someone You Can Relate To

When moving overseas it’s pretty easy to hit the point where you are so confused and overwhelmed you feel like turning around and running for the hills. It’s therefore incredibly important you do your best to find someone you can turn to for help and advice.

There are a number of sites that have been created solely for the purpose to help expats in their transition from one country to another. They can help you figure out the laws, customs and culture of your new home and make you feel less homesick.



Rent Out a Self-Storage Unit

One way to ease yourself into this transition period is to keep your move as streamlined as possible, with the biggest trick being renting out a self-storage unit once you arrive in your destination. This is an incredibly useful tool in saving your sanity and making the move that little bit less difficult. The simple fact that you have an extra place to stash your belongings as soon as you arrive is a huge stress reliever for a number of reasons:

  • Having quick and easy access lets you use self-storage almost like an extra wardrobe. Too often expats are surprised by the much smaller square footage of living spaces in other countries, so being able to use that “extra wardrobe” for temporary or permanent storage definitely eases the transition.
  • You may arrive in your newly fully furnished apartment and realize you hate every single piece of furniture in the building, and a storage unit will allow you to safely keep your landlords goods while you substitute items that suit you better. To ensure you are packing up your things properly in order to keep them in the best condition possible check out our tips for storing your goods.
  • When you have moved for a job, storage units are the perfect place to store work-related materials that won’t fit into your home, there are unit sizes that will accommodate you no matter how many items you need to store.
  • The last thing you want to be worried about is whether your belongings are safe or not. Self-storage facilities will let you stash your items with an absolute peace of mind due to the security features such as cameras and 24-hour surveillance.
  • Rent a self-storage unit close to your home that allows you access your belongings 24/7, which means you won’t have to rearrange your schedule in order to get there during opening hours.
  • To find out more information and get a head start on looking into self-storage check out our FAQ. 


So there you 3 easy tips to ease the eager – but possibly anxious – globe trotter on their next overseas adventure. Wherever you may be off to always remember, the confusion is all part of the fun!