A Parent’s Guide to Storage for Returning College Students

So your kid is returning home for a school break and with them they usually bring a load of dirty laundry, a newly found attitude and a load of unnecessary junk. Without proper direction those college kids will just chuck everything they own into the biggest bag they can find and call it a day. With these tips help your child (and yourself) avoid the mess (and arguments) so you can simply enjoy a bit of family time without all the stress.

Go Through Everything!

Many university students move constantly especially at the end of the year, which poses the question of what to do with all the accumulated stuff. Make a pile of three…Does it make more sense for them to bring it home, throw it away or store it for the upcoming year?

Encourage your child to go through their things and clean out their space so they don’t end up lugging items they don’t need from place to place.  Remind them that if they didn’t need it this year changes are they don’t need it this year, so either toss it out or donate it!


Home vs School

Deciding what you store and what to bring home can often be a difficult decision. A general rule of thumb to tell your children would be: If it’s something used purely for school or in your college dorm room, pack it up and store it, you won’t need it back at home. Determine how much stuff you have and decide which unit size you will need here. If it’s something you find yourself using on a day to day basis, bring it home.


Pack Smart

It’s important to note that if you are a parent going to help your child with the move that you should approach this day with a sense of humor. Most college kids will wrap up their belongings in old grocery bags or oddly shaped boxes. To inform your kids on how to pack correctly send them our storage tips to ensure they don’t end up opening a plastic bag three months down the line full of dirty laundry!


Follow these simple tips and relay them back to your children in order to avoid them bringing their entire dorm room home for the summer. For more information and piece of mind on our storage, visit our FAQ.