How to Prepare your Home for a Festive Party

Tis the season to celebrate! Regardless of whether you’re inviting guests over, the holidays can take your stress levels from 0 to 100 really quickly, in-between buying presents, attending parties and visiting families, the idea of potentially planning a Christmas party may seem too much. But have no fear, with careful planning and our easy to follow tips for decking your halls both inside and out, this year will be the holiday entertaining season that you actually enjoy!


Pretend You’re a Guest

After doing your initial sweep clean of the house, walk around every room and try and see your home through a guest’s eyes. Have a look at the clutter you might not notice every day such as loose products in the bathroom, random objects in the walkway, and dust on tv’s and bookshelves. This will help you take notice of all the areas that might need some special attention.

Spiff Up the Exterior

The outside of your house is the first thing your guests are going to see therefore their first impressions will be formed solely on what is on the exterior or your home. Polish the windows and front door hardware, check if all your outside lights work, sweep the entrance and even give the lawn some attention.


Make Space!

Depending on the number of people coming to your party you almost definitely will need to rearrange and make space to some degree. Take a look at your current furniture and decor that you won’t need for the party, also take note of the expensive, fragile or sentimental items in your home. If you’d prefer to have more space with less clutter, utilize self-storage over the festive season. Rent out a unit size that suits your needs and keep your items out of the way over the hosting season!


Little Touches

Once you’ve tackled the major part of the cleaning before your party it’s time to tackle the small stuff! Polish your cutlery and glasses (it is a dinner party after all), add seasonal scented candles to the bathrooms for a bit of merriment, spruce up the hallway with Christmas decorations and never forget the impact a bouquet of flowers can have on a home!picture1

The only thing left to do now is to put on your favorite seasonal outfit and enjoy the night, and remember, every holiday season offers a new chance to start your own traditions so enjoy the party planning process, it’s all a part of building long lasting memories (no matter how stressful it may be)!