Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

Unpacking Holiday ornaments with one golden ball with several red balls in box;

The Christmas season is over and it’s time for resolutions, renewal and reorganization, which means it’s time to take those holiday decorations down and store them away for next year… Do I hear a collective groan??

It may seem easier to throw your decorations into an old plastic bag and into the closet, and call it a day, and that’s fine if untangling Christmas lights and hanging chipped and broken decorations is your idea of fun. If it’s not, we highly recommend considering self-storage as a way to keep your decorations tangle free, safe and in great condition until next year. So, if the post festive rituals leave you feeling a little overwhelmed, consider these easy tips for simplifying the process (as well as next year’s decorating fun!).

Before you begin to even think about storing your decorations, it’s time to inspect which items are broken, chipped or need replacing. Decide which items you need to rebuy and take care of that shopping right away after the holidays are over so you can get the best deals. Buying replacements this year will not only save you money but will save you time and stress when it comes to bringing them back out next year.


Separate your décor into different categories to make both decorating and cleaning up easier. A great way to stay organized is to colour-code each holiday container, orange for Halloween, red for valentine’s day and green for Christmas. That way when it comes to finding your decorations you know exactly where everything is.


A self-storage unit is the perfect place to keep your decorations until it’s once again socially acceptable for you to publicly display them again next year. Make life easy on yourself by making your first resolution the rental of a temperature controlled and dehumidified self-storage unit in order to protect your precious decorations. Moisture can attack your stored items if they are not stored in a climate controlled space. If you store your decorations in the basement, garage or on any other concrete surface, those areas are generally damp. Concrete holds moisture and is generally never 100% dry. You’ll probably only need a 6×6 depending on the number of decorations you have, but check out our unit sizes to make sure.

Pack Carefully
When packing Christmas decorations, you need to handle with care as a lot of the pieces are very fragile. When packing everything up, be sure to use acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap.

  • To avoid your lights getting tangled, string them around a piece of cardboard or an empty soda bottle.
  • Ornaments should be wrapped individually in tissue paper and placed in a box, preferably with dividers. Larger ornaments should be placed in their original boxes wherever possible.
  • Storing an artificial Christmas tree requires a large space then the rest of the decorations and should be stored in their original boxes. If not find a storage bag or durable box that will protect the tree from dust and will make for easy moving and storage.


The holidays are a time of joy and happiness, but when the left overs are gone, the presents have been opened and the guests have disappeared, you’ll be left with post festive blues and a ton of decorations to clean. Use these simple tips to pack and store your decorations, making this year’s clean up a breeze and next year’s decorating even easier!