Why Are Climate Controlled Units So Popular?


If you have a lot of possessions but little to no room, chances are you’ve considered self-storage. Along with unit size there are actually a lot of options to consider when choosing a storage unit, one of those being climate control. This is a great advantage to have especially in this scorching Malaysian heat. So the question is, why are they so popular, and do you really need one?

What is Climate Control?

Climate-controlled units maintain a constant temperate and humidity which means you don’t have to worry about items that are prone to changing form when exposed to heat


High temperatures can be tough on certain materials such as wood, leather, pictures and tapes. Some items may crack or turn discolored, and certain documents may even be unreadable after a certain amount of time in a standard unit. Other items that are prone to damage without climate control are:

  • Mattresses
  • Sporting equipment
  • Electronics
  • Art
  • Metal appliances
  • Books and paperwork

Climate-controlled storage significantly reduces these risks by cooling the unit at a safe and constant temperature. Climate control also provides other benefits such as:

  • Preventing pest infestations.
  • Protecting cloth and paper from yellowing.
  • Stopping rust from forming on metals.
  • Keeping dirt and dust out of the unit, and off your items.

Do you need one?

The benefits of a climate controlled self-storage unit clearly weigh out the bad. If your planning on renting out a unit for a long period of time that is expensive, irreplaceable or very sentimental, we recommend choosing a self-storage company which provides climate control such as Flexi Storage.