Easy Ways to Keep your Kids Bathroom Clean

Organized kids is an oxymoron, but the need to keep the bathroom hygienic and clean is a must because of kids and in spite of them. The key to keeping the bathroom clean is to create simple organized systems and cleaning solutions that your kids will get on board with in no time. Whether you have just one child or a whole flock of them sharing a bathroom, some simple arranging and design tips can save you the headache and time when it comes to cleaning up. Here are 5 to try out today

Label Towel Hooks

Keeping wet towels off the floor is the bane of most parent’s existence, which becomes increasingly difficult when the bathroom is used by several children. Replace the towel hangers with a hat rack and personalize each rack with the letter of your child’s name. Customize it by painting it and adding a photo above each letter.


Keep Supplies Close

Your kids bathroom is probably going to be cleaned more than your own, so save yourself the time and hassle by making a small space for your cleaning supplies in the room itself. A small plastic box or caddy under the kitchen sink works perfectly. If your kids are old enough, add a small checklist to the cleaning supply box to ensure they remember what to do!

Personalise their things

Set up a large cup or bag for each child and use this to fill it up with each child’s toiletries – tooth brush, hair supplies, deodorant, or whatever else they use. Get a different colour for each child and add their names to it, and store it out of site or in a cupboard.


Utilise Space

One of the biggest issues with keeping any bathroom clean is the lack of space… So why not reclaim some of that lost space and use it for storage! Are you taking advantage of the space behind your bathroom door? If not, simply hang a few towel bars spacing them to hold one folded bath towel. Other areas you could utilize are the doors of your cupboard, behind the main door and even on the side of the sink!


Clean One Thing Per Day

Instead of tackling the entire bathroom every so often, make a chore list for yourself and your kids to do one area of the bathroom every single day. This could be taking out the trash, wiping the bench, sweeping the floors, or cleaning the mirrors. This will break down the task and will make it easier to keep the bathroom clean and will minimize the amount of work when it comes to doing the deep clean!

These five simple tips will help you get rid of that angry mum syndrome every time you walk past your kids’ bathroom. A bit of organization, team work and persistence can make it easy to keep any area of the house clean, even the messy kids bathroom!