Easy Ways Organising Your Kitchen Helps You Lose Weight

Did you make a 2017 New Year’s resolution to shed a couple extra kilos? If you aren’t quite where you’d like to be, or you simply need a fresh idea to help you stay on track, consider a kitchen makeover. An organized kitchen allows easy access to the foods and tools that allow you to cook and prepare healthy nutrient dense foods.  Disorganized and chaotic surroundings make you feel weighed down and unmotivated, however if you take time to organize, clean and declutter your kitchen it can do wonders for your state of mind and your body.

Ditch The Junk

Before we even begin organizing and decluttering the kitchen itself it’s important to take this hard yet vital step. Eliminate the worst offenders such as processed box dinners, sugared cereals, soft drinks and all candy. If they aren’t in the kitchen (no matter how hard you to try to hard them) you can’t reach them when you become hungry.


Clear the Countertops

Between phones, kitchen appliances, old mail and everything in between, it’s no wonder the idea of food preparation sounds like a drag. As a general rule, flat surfaces should not be used for every day storage. When doing this analyze whether or not you actually use every appliance you are moving. If you find yourself never having used that old blender from 1995 then perhaps it’s time to consider throwing it, gifting it or storing it. There is no need to have items in your kitchen that are simply going to take up more room. If you find you can’t part with your appliances or they may come in handy later down the road consider renting a small self-storage unit, to make room for space to prepare and cook healthy meals!


Plan, Plan, Plan!

Most people know about meal preparation but few actually commit to doing it. Preparing healthy lunches, dinners and snacks for the week ahead not only saves time and money but it ensures you know exactly what you are putting into your body. Less thought and work will be needed later on in the week when it comes to feeding you and your family, and you know everyone is getting the healthiest possible options.


Store Healthy Foods In Plain Site

When grocery shopping ensure you stock up on plenty of fruit and vege and place it in plain site once you get home. If they need to be placed in the fridge ensure they are in a clear container at eye level so its the first thing you see when you get hungry. Healthy foods that don’t need refrigeration such as nuts should be near the front of the pantry or on your countertops themselves.


Once you’ve gotten your kitchen organized do your best to keep your home neat and clean as much as possible (without stressing out!) and you should be able to notice an immediate change in the way you feel and look!