How To Prepare Your Home For a New Baby

Your little bundle of joy is on the way and you realize there will be a million things to do once the baby is born. What you want to know is what you can do to prepare the space in your home, because although babies are small, man do they require a lot of planning! Here is how to get baby ready:

Clear Out the Main Space

The beginning months will have you getting up for feedings during the night so when choosing a spare bedroom, office or guest room to turn into a nursery think carefully about the location. Clear out extra furniture, beds and boxes. Create space for the basics such as a crib, changing table, dresser and chair. Find spaces that are easy to access and places in which you can store everything you need such as diapers and wipes.

baby room

Tackle the Rest of The Home

Once addressing the babies room then move onto decluttering the rest of the house. Set up additional areas for feeding, changing and playing in other rooms.  Equipment for babies are so large, therefore it’s best to plan to declutter the house as much as possible before baby arrives to minimize the amount of work you have to do.


Utilize Self-Storage

This is a big one. From old beds to furniture that isn’t ‘baby-friendly’, there will be a lot of things you won’t want to have in your home at least for the first few months. Instead of throwing it, gifting it or selling it, utilize self-storage, from the big things to the small knick-knacks, there is a unit size  for everyone. Not only is it cheap but it declutters your home and gives you the peace of mind that your precious items are being kept safe during this exciting yet busy time.

Baby Proof!

Baby proofing your entire home will seem like a huge task at first but it is a continual undertaking and shouldn’t over whelm you. To make it easy on yourself now make sure you begin this process before your baby arrives as you will be too overwhelmed with your new arrival to think about it when you come home from the hospital. Baby proofing will change with the stages of your child so ensure you are tackling the new born stage to begin with, but this will change at the crawling and walking stage. This will include smoothing the edges of everything, installing gates, securing cabinets and putting plastic safety plugs into electrical outlets.

baby proof

Once you’ve tackled the basics put your feet up and relax, being a mum is all about instinct and learning as you go!