How To: Tame Morning Madness

The alarm goes off, the dog is parking, the kids are shouting and you haven’t even opened your eyes yet. Another crazy morning begins and all the while you are shaking your head praying the nightmare goes away. If you are like most families your mornings involve elevated blood pressure, whining, probably a bit of running, and perhaps even a few tears (from you and/or the kids). You likely arrive at your destination (just) a little bit frazzled and probably more stressed then you would like to be before 8am, but how do you stop the morning madness? Here are 5 ways to start your mornings off right.

Morning Madness

Reset Your Body Clock 

Getting up in the morning is hard, but it’s even harder when your disorientated and sleep deprived. The mad rush for the bus stop is inevitable if your kids routinely sleep in, so ensure you and your children reset your body clocks especially after a long break away from setting those alarms. A week before the break is due to end, ease into earlier bedtimes and wake the kids up slightly earlier each day so they aren’t tired and grumpy when it comes to getting up early for school. For parents, consider waking up slightly earlier then you already do. Giving yourself just 10 extra minutes in the morning can allow yourself time to center yourself and get more done without the chaos. Waking up earlier from quiet means more clarity and less rushing in your day.

Reset Body Clock 

Prep Work Pays Off

 This is a big one! Do as much as you can the night before to minimize the chaos the next morning. Pack the school lunches, have the clothes laid out, put socks and shoes in one place and check the weather for the next day to ensure you have the appropriate gear ready. This ensures you don’t forget to do anything during the ‘morning fog’ period where your brain hasn’t fully switched on yet, and it saves more time then you can imagine!


Pack School Lunch 

Create a Staging Area

Instead of having your children’s things all over the house, create a staging area where kids can put their belongings. This includes clothes, back packs, books and whatever else they may need for the next day. Designate a certain spot for each child to ensure they know where everything goes.

Staging area


Break the Breakfast Blues

If you ever find yourself in that situation where you cook your children’s favorite meal only to find out they no longer eat or want it anymore, then consider creating a breakfast list. Children’s pallets are always changing therefore it’s important to get their input on what they want to eat to avoid the messy mornings. Sit down with each child to talk about the foods they would eat for breakfast on certain school days, then create and post this list of foods on the fridge to save time and effort in the morning.


Family breakfast 

Set Electronic Boundaries

Once kids start scrolling or tapping away at those electronic games, it’s game over for all time sensitive mornings. Create a well enforced rule that no one can play any games until they have all their morning chores done such as brushing their teeth and hair, packing backpacks ect. This will reduce the mad rush out the door and will leave your children with a sense of reward and achievement once they have finished all their chores.


Kids i pad 

With a few easy adjustments you can eliminate snags and wake up feeling refreshed and organized, streamlining your once mad morning routine!