Space Saving Storage Hacks for A Small Kitchen

For metropolitans, apartment dwellers and small-home owners the heart of the home can become the headache of the home when space is limited.  If your kitchen is bursting at the seams and have spent hours agonizing over how to make more space out of nothing, not to worry. With a few clever uses of the space you already have you can add not only functionality, but personality to your small (but soon to be grand) kitchen with these 5 must try tips.

Vertical and Open

The main issue with a small kitchen often isn’t the lack of workspace but more the lack of storage. Once the cabinets are filled, whats the next option? You relish every inch of your counter space, but your walls? Your walls we can use. Instead of storing items on the counter utilize vertical and open storage in order reduce the crammed feeing with hooks and shelves.  It creates an airier environment and can actually make your kitchen look much bigger then it is! Consider replacing cabinet doors with glass ones, utilizing mounted knife racks, a pot rack and mounted wired baskets!


Create Cohesion 

We know that clutter will make any room feel smaller than it actually is, but in a space kitchen there’s only so much we can do. As a rule of thumb always pair items that match or have a similar color palette. A set of white plates will blend into a white wall almost creating the illusion of more room, and making it look very neat. Avoid a mix match of different palettes together as this will only make the cramped kitchen look more cluttered!



Simply put, you need to edit down the items that you have if you do not have the room for them. In a pint sized kitchen, pint sized appliances will work just as well. Do you need wine glasses with four-inch stems when a regular glass will do? Do you need an oversized refrigerator if there are only two of you? If you are not regularly cooking for a crowed a small dishwasher or stove might do you just fine!

If you feel that you absolutely cannot let go certain items, consider utilizing self-storage. Storing away your larger items and replacing them with smaller ones will save your kitchen now, but what happens if you opt for an upgrade? For as little as 50rm a month you can store your items in self-storage without a worry until you feel you need them again!

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture will be your life saver for small kitchens. A small folding table is a smart option as it will act as an island for everyday tasks but can expand if you are tackling bigger jobs or need more room.


Lighten Up

When you have tackled the basics of small kitchen storage it’s time to think outside the box and utilize the importance of good lighting and color. White walls always feel larger then colored walls, and will create a happy space you want to be in. Try adding bright colored accents to your kitchen in your cabinets and accessories to play of the plain walls. Often small spaces feel quite dark and closed off, which does nothing for making your kitchen appear larger. Allow as much natural light in as possible and make sure you have an overhead light so you have enough brightness to see your meal prep and cooking areas. If counters are shadowed by cabinets, consider installing under-cabinets lighting.

lighten up