Shoe Storage 101

Even the most practical of people have a lot of shoes. Have a think to yourself right now… Sure you have running shoes, but what do you wear to work every day? What about if there’s a wedding? How about a beach holiday? Or dancing on Saturday nights? We tend to let our shoe collection get out of hand without even realizing its happening, and they can be a real headache to store, especially in a small apartment. They’re bulky, often sentimental and generally quite expensive. The good news is, shoe storage doesn’t have to be ugly, with these tips learn everything you need to know to preserve the quality of your shoes without taking up too much space.

Sort Through

Before you even think about how you are storing your shoes in your apartment or house you need to implement a grouping system. Divide your shoes into three categories:

  1. Shoes you wear all the time
  2. Shoes you wear less frequently but want to keep
  3. Shoes you haven’t worn in over a year and should get rid of

The ones you haven’t worn in over a year should be donated or thrown out depending on the condition. The ones you wear less frequently should be stored at a self-storage unit to get them out of sight and out of mind until you need them again (think winter holidays away and those 5 inch stilettos your saving for a special occasion).

When storing your shoes it’s important to note that gravity, humidity and aridity can all take their toll on the quality of your shoes. Over time folds and creases naturally form so ensure you stuff your shoes with acid free paper to prevent this from happening. Before storing clean them properly and apply a leather conditioner to your more expensive purchases and always opt for a climate controlled unit as temperatures and humidity can weaken fabrics, cause glue to loosen and turn leather brittle!

Now that you have your shoes categorized and your collection minimized to your absolute most worn, it’s time to store!

Sort through

Keep Them Off The Floor!

Everyone’s first instinct when getting home is to throw your shoes on your floor. Avoid that urge and keep them off the floor! It makes shoes harder to find, creates a cluttered environment and they are more likely to get worn and torn when they are constantly being kicked aside to find your favorite flats. You paid good money for these shoes, so treat them well! Consider a DIY job with some of our favorite ideas here.

Clear Bins

If you don’t have the time or the creative knack for DIY projects consider using clear storage bins or boxes. Its harder to pick out what you are going to wear when you don’t know where to find any of your things, so try and keep your shoes as visible as possible. Put a picture of the shoes on the outside of each box so you know exactly where everything is at all times.

Clear bins

Over The Door Organisers

Over the door organizers are cheap, easy to find and most importantly incredibly multipurpose. Hang them over the closet door and slide in your casual lightweight shoes into each slot. Consider buying two of these organizers to hold all of your shoes for easy and organized access.

Over the door organizers

Store Boots Upright

Long boots have the tendency to get limp when storing which actually takes up a lot more room then you would think. Roll up an old newspaper or magazine and slot them inside to make the boots stand upright, this will make storing a lot easier. You can place them in a clear bin or even their original boxes, just be sure to label them.

Store boots upright