Top Tips for BFF’s Moving in Together

Moving in with your bestie sounds like the dream, because hey, they are your best friend. However, there are a few realities you need to face and a number of responsibilities you will have to take on in order to keep the peace. Fusing your life with someone else will never be completely seamless as you’re going to have to adjust to a new person’s routine, flaws and idiosyncrasies, so reduce the hassle later on and follow these pointers so you will be properly prepared for your big move!

Make Your House a Home Together 

This is the fun part! Why do it alone? Make the big decisions such as furnishings and layout together so you both have equal say in how your house turns out. Keep a tab on who owns what so it will be easier to divide once you eventually move out. You will both be working very hard to make the place equally yours so consider storing things out of the way that are completely you. Utilize self-storage for old drawings from when you were a kid, home videos, old stuffed toys, 100 old photo albums… You get the idea.

Set Up an Agreement

 This might seem like a no brainer but once you are caught up in the excitement of it all you may very well forget to have the very important ‘talk’. Define exactly who will be doing and paying for what. Does she want an expensive TV plan that you will never use? Does she hate doing laundry? Are you okay with doing all the cleaning and paying for all the groceries? It’s a lot easier to hash these things out before you start packing your things… Trust us, you and your friendship will thank us later.

Set up agreement

Remember to Communicate  

No matter how long you have known your BFF when you move in with someone you learn a lot about them that you probably didn’t know before. You will definitely find out things about your friend that you don’t like and it will annoy you, but it is important to not keep these things bottled up. Have an open dialogue with your friend as this will keep your friendship strong during the time you live together and reduce bottled up feelings from exploding all in one go!



 When you live together one of the benefits will be that you will probably have two wardrobes. Sharing your things with your bestie is an amazing thing however once you live together be mindful to always ask before you take anything. This will reduce the fights, confusion and unnecessary drama between the two of you.

Move in For the Right Reasons

Do not just move in with your BFF because the rent will be cheaper or because it sounds like a way for you to be together more. If money wasn’t a problem and schedules didn’t exist would you 100% want to still live together? Nothing is worse than losing a best friend purely because you didn’t gel well together when deciding to move in. Set boundaries in place, have clear rules before you begin and remember that when all is said and done you are still best friends at the end of the day!