Tips for Selling Your Unwanted Items Online

We’ve shown you how to kick your clutter habit but why throw out things you don’t need when you could make a pretty penny out of it? Of course, you could donate your unwanted items to charities but if you’re in a pinch and looking to make a little bit more money back, that’s what we are going to focus on here. We tend to forget just how much junk we have accumulated over the years stashed in closets and drawers, so it’s time to get rid of that clutter and make some money in the process! Here are 5 tips for selling your stuff online:

Get Organized

If you have a large amount of stuff you are thinking of selling, it can be very overwhelming. In general, if you haven’t used or worn something in over a year, you don’t need it. Very carefully go through each item in your house and put this one year rule to the test. Remember to stay focused on one room at a time. If you try and go through more than one room you will overwhelm yourself and end up quitting before you even start!

Once you have a collection of item’s you want to get rid of sort them into two categories. Sell or throw. Just because the saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” doesn’t mean anyone wants to buy your old stinky gym shoes from high school. If there are any item’s that are so old and unusable, throw them out because you will be wasting your time trying to sell them!


Know What It’s Worth

Now you have a pile of salvaged old items you want to sell, put a value on them! First find out how much the item is brand new, then look around at sale sites and see how much people are selling the same item for second hand. Finally determine your selling price. Access the condition of your item and compare to both sale listings and set your price. As a general rule of thumb sell your item right between the highest and lowest prices you can find second hand, however if you are desperate to get rid of the item always opt for the lower option.


Stage It Right

When taking photos of your items to sell online, take your time! A lot of people simply snap their item anywhere and upload it straight away, so give yourself a leg up on the competition and take your time staging and snapping your items. They don’t have to professional, but they shouldn’t look like you took them from a flip-phone from 2000.

Start by cleaning whatever you are selling. Wipe all dust and grime off and make it look good as new (or as close as possible). If it looks like you don’t value the item, why should anyone else? Next set the stage for your photos by:

  • Keeping it simple: Find a simple colored background to avoid distractions.
  • Au Natural: Don’t use flash, always opt for a room with full natural daylight.
  • Fill the frame: The item should ideally be taking up 90% of the frame to give it the best look possible.
  • Work the angles: Photograph the item from multiple angles to show off the item better.
  • Be honest: Show off the details but also the flaws. Be completely honest with the condition of your product or you won’t be having much luck selling any other items once the negative comment start pouring in!


Be Upfront

From the get go make it very clear who is paying for shipping and handling. A lot of people on specialty websites will sell the product for a very cheap price but then charge an exorbitant amount of shipping. If you are upfront and honest you will be sure to get a lot more bids and offers on your items. If you are selling your item for a high price, consider utilizing free shipping. If you are already making a profit, the free shipping will very likely attract more buyers. If the buyer is local then be upfront that you expect them to come and pick the items up and if they need you to deliver, let them know that you expect to charge extra.

There are a variety of different platforms in which you can sell your goods online. One of the most underrated being social media! Facebook can be a great way to sell your unwanted things either by joining a local buy, swap and sell group or by promoting it on your own page and getting your friends to share the post. This will encourage word of mouth and will likely keep it local. Another option would of course be specialty websites such as EBay, Amazon and Lazada. Keep your options open and do research before uploading to a specific site. Here are our favorite places to sell online within Malaysia: