How to Create a Productive Home Office Environment

The two biggest issues of working from home are undeniably concentration and organization. It is far too easy to become distracted by the pets, laundry, kids, TV or that pesky refrigerator that keeps calling your name. The secret is creating a work environment at home in a way that allows you to stay productive and motivated. Here are a few simple and helpful tips on how to create your perfect set up.



When choosing a room to designate as your home office it’s important to think like a mouse. Find the quietest area in house away from all background noise to reduce disturbances during the day. Keep away from any play areas, TV’s, stereos or high traffic areas in order to create an efficient and quiet space.



Stick to a Schedule

Treat your home office like you would at work. Avoid slumping out of bed late and working in your PJS until the early morning hours as this will throw your schedule off and you will be left feeling unorganized, tired and less motivated. Assign specific work hours and be diligent to stick to them. Write daily to do lists as you would at work and at the end of each day review what you have accomplished, and what your goals are for the next day. If need be, have a plan for the kids, stay away the TV and always complete any chores the day before your work day begins to avoid the temptation to do any laundry or vacuuming mid-day!



Invest in a Good Chair

While it is very easy to shrug this suggestion off and opt for the closest dining room chair or to just slump on the couch with your laptop, it’s important to note that you are going to be spending a majority of your day sitting in this one place. If you want to improve your productivity and save your back from pain further down the line, choose a comfortable supportive office chair. Ask yourself “is there lumbar support?”, “Is it adjustable?”, “Can I move the chair easily?”, “Is it the right size?”. A proper chair will ensure you don’t just work anywhere around the house and will ensure you are getting proper support for your neck and spine, your back will thank us later!




One of the biggest issues with home offices is that you end up with a disorganized mess of papers and loose documents everywhere. Make a conscious effort to keep your space and desk decluttered and keep items around you to a minimum in order to eliminate distractions. The best way to do so is to ensure you have proper storage, starting with your desk. Opt for trays, pen holders and folders. Then move on to filing cabinets for loose sheets, book shelves for folders or mounted storage on the wall. The more organized your storage is, the more productive your office work space will be!



Embrace Natural Light and Inspiring Decor

When choosing an area to put your desk at home a lot of people naturally put it up against a wall in the darkest corner of the room which inadvertently has recreated the closed off corporate cubicle most people are used to. Why do that when you are now in control of where you work! Ensure your desk is near a window so you get as much natural light as possible, not only does this reduce the closed off claustrophobic vibe of an office cubicle but it will boost your mood, productivity and allow you to take meaningful breaks while having a better view to look at, rather than a solid wall!

Once you have your perfect location add a few items of décor to put you in a good mood. A few framed quotes, a vase of fresh flowers, a fun wall clock, or even a beautifully scented candle. Find items that inspire you, keep you motivated and simply make you happy!


Although sleeping in and working in your pajamas might seem like the dream, it’s not reality. To be successful you must look, act and operate like a true business! With a quiet, beautiful space and some self-motivation you will be able to add nothing but positivity and balance to your desk and to your home-work life.