Here Are Some Mid-Year Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

new year

Feeling tired? Demotivated? Slightly frustrated, perhaps? You’re not alone! Most of us fall into the seemingly bottomless pit of the mid-year slump, each time July comes by. For many of us, the feeling of stagnation and slower-than-usual progress hits us especially hard at this time of the year. Why so? Well, it’s maybe because you’ve worked so hard in the last six months that you’re most likely drained and dreading the remaining six months that are to come. You probably feel as if you’ve used up all the motivation you had for the year (when the less tired version of you came up with your new year’s resolutions) in the past six months, and you’ve got none left to drive you through to the end of the year. If you’re more on the dramatic side, you possibly feel like your blazing flame of passion and inspiration has now died down to a flicker of non-satisfaction.

So, what can you do about this?

You may or may not be aware of new year resolutions’ less known but equally – if not more – effective cousin, mid-year resolutions. Yes, they exist and you need just that to reignite your spark! So here are five super easy mid-year resolutions to get you back on track!

For work and studies:

Organise your desk

Sort out the piles of paper, stationery and other things that may have accumulated on your desk over the year. A simple way to begin is by decluttering your documents. Devise a filing system to categorise the sheets of papers on your desk so you can tell what to throw out from what’s important, instead of keeping everything in a heap. Next, limit yourself to having only three items of stationery on your desk at one point of time. So if you need a stapler, for example, put back one of the three pens that are lying around your desk before you take out the stapler from your drawer. That way, you won’t have unnecessary stationery strewn across your desk. Stick to this routine and you’ll be sure to have a super neat desk that can help you work and perform better.

Invest some time in the ‘quote of the day’

Before you get to work, or begin your day of classes, take some time to check out the day’s quote. Believe it or not, but it really is effective in setting your mood for the day. Apps for iPhone and Android offer inspirational quotes that come in the form of a push notification each morning. And if you really want to boost your motivation for the remainder of the year, make it a must to write down the daily quote on the top corner of your notebook before you get to work or class. This way, you’ll have an inspirational line drilled in your head as you go about your daily routine, feeling more motivated and energized. This simple 5-minute action can put you in the best frame of mind to take on the day!

For the home:

Buy a new plant

If you are or aren’t the gardening type, getting a plant is always a good idea. Not only do they add a refreshing touch to your home (be it indoors or outside), plants come with a whole lot of health benefits, too! Houseplants reduce carbon dioxide levels, as well as the levels of dust and certain pollutants in the air. If you’ve got green fingers, flowering houseplants such as orchid, hibiscus and clivia are great options to brighten up your home. However, if you prefer low-maintenance greens, your best bet is the cactus. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes – tiny pots for your windowsill, larger ones for the living room – and require minimal care. Just be sure to water them once in a while.

Make caring for your new plant your mid-year resolution and we promise you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the year when you see that your plant has grown (or at least survived)!

For you:

Get into shape

Ahh, the same old resolution that many have attempted but few have conquered! As with many people, this is almost always at the top of the new year’s resolution list, but is the easiest to give up on. This is because getting into shape requires serious discipline and time, which most of us do not have as we get busy into the year. But, don’t worry, it’s never too late to get back into shape! If you aren’t already working out, what are you waiting for? Start getting in shape by doing some basic cardio exercises such as jogging outdoors or on the treadmill, for half an hour, four times a week. As you progress, increase the intensity of your exercises and target the various parts of your body that you want to shape (squats for legs, weights for arms, etc.).

So, what are you doing still sitting around? Turn that demotivation into action! It’s time to kick-start your mid-year resolutions and reignite your flame!